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The 'Go To' Guide for Style


There are MANY Style Guides available, but MOST publishing houses rely on the Chicago Manual of Style for answers to Grammatical, Formatting, and all things WRITING. 

NOTE: DO be sure to check and see if the Publisher you are submitting your work to has THEIR Style Guide listed and conform to THAT.



Spell-Check programs and other programs that can help you CANNOT always be relied on.

Be sure to have this RECOMMENDED Dictionary on hand during your editing process.

Webster's NEW WORLD Dictionary


Don't let your writing remain in the 20th Century.

This resource will make sure you aren't using archaic words, as well as helping your keep your writing RELEVANT.

Grammatically Correct


While the majority of GRAMMAR Style is included in The Chicago Manual of Style, this great resource is helpful, and should always be with your writing tools.

'On Writing' by Stephen King


Ok, I'm the first to admit I'm a tiny bit prejudiced when it comes to Stephen King, but I think his book on the writing process is one of the BEST! 

The writing feels like you are sitting across from him in a coffee shop, and he's discussing how he approaches writing his stories and books.

'Creating Character Arcs' by K.M. Weiland


K. M. Weiland offers this book as a text AND workbook. She teaches ways to create positive change arcs, negative change acts, along with heroic fat arcs. Whichever you choose, you will know how to write a character driven novel.