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My Published Work

Guilty Until Proven Innocent



(Paperback and Kindle Editions)

Book One in the 'Jill Adair' stories.

Jill Adair has no idea why she's been arrested. The police won't tell her anything, and she insists she wants a lawyer. She is an agorophobic, who rarely leaves the house.

The murder victim is Janice Adair, Jill's mother-in-law. Despite the fact that Jill hasn't seen any of her in-laws in over five years, she is the most likely subject according ot her sisters-in-law. They claim to have proof.

Tom Sorrell takes Jill's case. He quickly realizes it will be an uphill battle to prove Jill's innocence since she has been diagnosed with a mental illness.

Andy Schiff is the Assistant District Attorney, eager to win the case to secure his place as DA in the next election.

Read this fast-paced novel where you are taken into the courtroom to follow the twist and turns of the trial.

There's plenty of drama outside of the courtroom, too.

Written as a Trilogy, Book One is out now, and Book Two will be released in early 2020, and the final book will be coming in late 2020.

Innocent For the Moment


Book II in the Jill Adair Series

will be available on Amazon  on February 14, 2020. 

Don't miss this continuation of the Jill Adair story.

Bernie, a Little Dog


Coming in Early 2020

Bernie, the Little Dog, will delight you with stories from his adventures in life. 

Together with his buddy, Howie, they keep their Mistress and Master busy and entertained